Estimate Customer Acquisition Cost of LinkedIn

Prashant Bagga
3 min readJul 30, 2021


The mission of LinkedIn is connecting the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.


  • LinkedIn currently has roughly 774M+ users.
  • A total of 39% of LinkedIn users pay for LinkedIn Premium, which has four price tiers:
    Premium Career: $29.99/month
    Premium Business: $59.99/month
    Sales Navigator Pro: $79.99/month
    Recruiter Lite (Hiring): $119.95/month


  • Customer acquisition cost is the best approximation of the total cost of acquiring a new customer. It includes things like advertising costs, the salary of your employees, the cost of servers, payment processing fee, etc., divided by the number of customers acquired.
  • We’ll count the cost of maintaining/supporting the free tier of LinkedIn for all non-paying customers as part of the acquisition cost for the paying customer.


  • LinkedIn’s userbase = 800M
  • Considering all the Premium tiers, let’s assume that LinkedIn Premium costs $70/month on average.
  • Assume all estimated prices apply globally as well. In real world, they would differ depending on the countries. For example, the salary of an…