Facebook Shops: Baby Step Towards Becoming a Superapp

Prashant Bagga
1 min readJun 9, 2020

The success of WeChat in China has influenced many tech companies to pursue the superapp model — operating at the intersection of social, commerce, payments and logistics.

Shops is Facebook‘s foray into becoming a superapp.

The social media giant is leveraging its unique position to establish social shopping — allowing users to discover, browse and checkout products within the app itself.

Users — get a native, fast and immersive experience. No buggy websites. No filling out long forms. Protected credit card details. Can ask questions, get support and track deliveries through Messenger or IG Direct. Overall, seamless experience.

Businesses — get to meet where their customers are. Can manage orders, inventory and fulfilment with Shopify. Unlike Amazon, no dilution of branding or counterfeits. Established presence/audience on the platform. Overall, higher engagement, better conversions and less drop-off.

FB — until now, was guessing what ads to target users with, using their location, demographic and profile info. With Shops, for the very first time, FB will now collect actual purchasing behaviour — which means better recommendations for users, better targeting for businesses and overall, more ad revenue for FB.

1. Shopify — https://bit.ly/2WPfN9A
2. Facebook — https://bit.ly/3cTP0i2

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