From Amazon to Shop Pay and now, Fast

Ecommerce checkouts will only get better!

Prashant Bagga
2 min readJan 8, 2021


Francis Scialabba / Morning Brew was revolutionary. Any product you could ever think of was now available on just one platform.

This meant Amazon always had your name, email address and shipping details at checkout and you could now purchase products with just one-click.

Then, Shopify came around. Unlike Amazon, it offered an e-commerce platform for businesses to build their individual stores on. Brands were now able to own the relationship with their customers and prevent brand dilution. It did work.

In the last decade, Shopify has blown up. It has now become the retail operating system of over a million businesses. However, this came with its drawbacks.

Now every time you had to purchase from a new Shopify store, you had to remember passwords, fill forms and the checkout process just became cumbersome.

In 2017, Shopify solved this problem with Shop Pay (earlier Shopify Pay). If you are purchasing from a Shopify store, you could now checkout within a few seconds. No matter if you’re visiting a store for the first time, if you’re signed up for Shop Pay — no filling forms — just one click and you’re gucci.

But but… Shopify is still just one platform.

There are a million more e-commerce businesses online that do not run on Shopify. What about them?

That’s where comes in.

Once you create a Fast account, you can login and checkout with just one-click on all participating stores. The cherry on top — you can also track shipping of all your orders on the Fast app.

If every business online starts accepting Fast Checkout, you will never have to — create accounts, fill out long forms, remember passwords, dig out physical credit cards to enter and then hope that the payment processes without a glitch — AGAIN!



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