How Morning Brew got Mark Cuban on the podcast

Prashant Bagga
1 min readJul 11, 2022

A friend asked me the same question when we got the founder of a billion-dollar startup on the pod.

The answer is to keep following up. There’s no silver bullet.

@businessbarista — founder of Morning Brew — was following up with Mark a long time before the @bizcasualpod was even a thing.

He always wanted to collaborate. He would find his assistant. He would try to get in touch with @MCuban directly.

At times, the team would get their hopes up and then things would change. Then, Shark Tank would be producing so they had to wait a couple of months.

Alex would keep following up.

On @billionmonshots, Josh Kaplan said — “Alex didn’t overthink it. He wrote a couple of good lines, and fired it off.”

Then one day, Alex goes — “He’s in for this time. Make it happen.”

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