Shop Stories

A potential solution for Shopify to kickoff the rediscovery flywheel

Prashant Bagga


TLDR: Shop Stories will offer users a low-friction way to signal interest, thereby improving personalized recommendations and overall, amplifying rediscovery of brands.


Shopify’s mission is to make commerce better for everyone.

The company recently launched Shop App — a digital shopping assistant that makes it easy for customers to speed through checkout, track their order and shipment details, and rediscover brands they love.

“Shop helps businesses sell more by making it easier for customers to buy. From product discovery to package delivery, Shop takes care of the little extras, making online shopping more personal and convenient for your customers.” — Shopify’s blog

Here’s a tweet from a happy Shop customer:

Product Goal

Seems like Shopify has perfected fast checkout and shipment tracking. And now, “We’re very focused on rediscovery”.

This implies that we’re focused on improving engagement and retention on the app. We want to help end consumers discover products from brands they love and, help merchants drive repeat purchases from their loyal customers.

The best way to improve engagement and retention is by increasing the value proposition of the Shop app for end consumers. And, to do that we need to understand what their goals and key needs are that need to be fulfilled better.

So let’s understand who the stakeholders of Shop are, and what their goals or motivations are when using the app. Then, we’ll look at how to increase the value of Shop to the user. Lastly, we’ll look at the metrics…