This Shark Tank company is a Scam

Prashant Bagga
3 min readMar 3, 2022

SonyLIV and Shark Tank India should call out ‘Head and Heart’ — the brain optimization scam that came on Ep 2.

This isn’t ‘Scientific Magic’. These kids just looked through the tiny gaps. Check out this video where Dr. Narendra Nayak does a full-blown expose`.

Few people saw this and knew something was fishy. Moreover, how could recognizing the colour of a ball with a blindfold on, actually help kids in life? The rest believed them, just because it was on national television.

Every parent wants to provide the best education to their child. So if they come across a product that can somehow offer their kid an edge in this highly competitive world, they will pay for it — even if they have to go into debt.

Singh family is taking advantage of this and parents are falling for it. Moreover, they are now leveraging the Shark Tank tag to scam even more parents.

There is no Japanese technique that can make you “see” things with a blindfold on. I’m sure you have no doubt in that. These kids are just looking through the gaps and using distractions to fool everyone — and maybe themselves too.

So why do these kids who go through the program & their parents hide this scam?

1. Kids are being brainwashed. They are tempted by the fame that comes along with pulling off such a trick. I don’t believe this though. As a parent, how can you believe that your child suddenly got a superpower in exchange of couple thousand rupees.

2. I believe parents definitely know the scam and choose to hide — to project to society that their kid is a prodigy.

If you find a kid that claims to see with a blindfold on, now you know what to do. Make sure that there is no gap in that blindfold. Or simply switch off lights. If you wanna go extreme, use an Orthoptic Eye Patch. It’s safe and could be bought from a medical store.

This scam should be called out. We don’t want our future generation to be performing tricks and not build any real skills. One thing we need to keep in mind is not to blame the kids. They are the real victims here. It will leave a deep scar in those minds when they will be exposed.

Imagine what will happen to them. All their life they were told that they were genius, had superpowers and then everyone calls them a scammer. It will break their confidence and might lead them to depression. The worst part, kids knew this was coming.

With all the fame the show has garnered, Sony and the Sharks have a responsibility to expose this scam. Instead of just pulling out this segment, they should clearly warn parents to stay away from brain optimization.

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